Hiring the "right" employees in the Green Industry

Now we all know this is one of the toughest parts of operating a business.  When work is in excess we must have full crews operating at full capacity.  But, when the season slows down its time to let a few employees go with the hopes, the good ones, will come back in a few months when we start gearing up again.  This process is hard on our employees but it is a must if we plan on keeping our doors open for business.  The problem this process poses is hiring that "bad apple" because of short notice.  We scramble to get crews up and going or the work will not get done. 

I came across an article I wanted to share about hiring practices.  Now I know this will not apply to everyone but it is a good guideline to have when going through the hiring process early in the year when things are little slower.  Grounds maintanence magazine is a great source for ideas to help green industry business'. 

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