Landscape Contractors need Pollution Liability and Clean-Up Protection.

Pesticide Herbicide spraying- The standard General Liability Insurance that you purchase has an exclusion for pollution incidents.  This specialized endorsement provides the necessary protection required by the state to obtain your applicators permit.  The annual cost is based on the number of days you do spraying and is not costly when compared to costs of potential damage done by spraying of chemicals.

Automobile Upset and chemical spill cleanup.Most contractors don’t consider the exposure to a chemical clean-up spill that exists in the back of your pick-up or trailer.  Everyone hauls equipment to the job site.  Think of the pollutants you carry to the job site.  Powered equipment has gasoline or diesel fuel and crankcase oil.  Other equipment may require oil and gas mixture.  And how about the container of Roundup?  If you happen to be in an accident and your vehicle overturns, you will be liable for the clean up of the pollutants that spill out onto the street, sidewalk, median etc.  A special endorsement is required for your automobile policy to obtain this important protection.Automobile Upset and chemical spill cleanup.

The above should be given serious consideration no matter what size your operations.  Many contractors should give serious consideration to purchasing a stand alone pollution policy.  Professional  Insurors has markets available to provide quotes for this often overlooked protection.