Horti-Shield: The Horticulture Industry Answer for Business Insurance

There is a very powerful advantage of using an insurance agency that specializes in serving businesses within your industry:

Why is specialization better than a more generalist approach?  Think about it, this is why a landscaper is in business.  Anyone can mow a yard or try to plant flowers and maybe try to landscape their yard.  But most people hire someone who SPECIALIZES in doing these things.  Why would this landscaper not want to have his business insurance with an agent who SPECIALIZES in his/her industry?  At Professional Insurors we have been focused on the niche approach since we opened our doors in the 70’s.  “It just makes sense,” says Cliff Miller founder of the agency.  Having an agent that truly understands the risks involved in your business is actually an asset to the business.  With our clients we become their trusted advisors, just like their CPA's and Attorney's.  They lean on us to advise them of the everyday risks that come up while running a business. 

Horti-Shield is a division of Professional Insurors led by Sean Leigh.  His team focuses solely on the Horticulture industry.  Contact Sean and his team at sleigh@pi-ins.com