Landscaper Liable for $23 Million Lawsuit because of Sub-Contractor

Subcontractor exposure is a big risk for landscapers. They can get themselves into big trouble by signing certain contracts, and they often don’t worry about getting proper documentation when they hire subs to do work for them.  I heard a terrible story this past week about a guy who did tree work, got hired for a job and did it so well, the owners asked him to come back and do another tree.  It was larger so he hired an unemployed friend to help him.  The friend carried no Work Comp, and the owner had not protected himself by asking for proof of coverage, the owner relied on the sign on the guys truck which said he was bonded and insured.  The helper fell out of the tree and is now a quadrapalegic.  The lawsuit is pending for $23 million. 

It is important to have a Risk Advisor looking at your Total Cost of Risk to protect you from exposures that can harm or end your business.