Clean Trucks, Clean Equipment, Clean Staff leads to more Jobs for Landscape Professionals

Clean your trucks.  You never know when a potential client may be driving by and notice how clean your trucks are.  Several friends of mine have told me they called a particular landscape crew they saw in their neighborhood because they noticed their trucks were very clean.  Most people will associate neat and clean trucks with how a person does their job. 

Rinse off your equipment once a week.  Not only is it good for the equipment but it makes it look newer.  Once again that potential client who is driving by will notice a clean truck on the street and see one of your guys on what looks like a brand new rider.  As a consumer I would rather a new piece of equipment be used on my yard as opposed to an older piece of equipment.

Make your employees wear company shirts.  I just recently asked an employee of a lawn company if he would come by and look at my lawn and do some work just by meeting them inside a 7-Eleven grabbing a drink.  But, make sure they look professional.  When you put your company name out there it is open to be scrutinized.

I have also noticed several Landscape Companies using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.  This is a great way to get your name out there and even stay in touch with your current clients. 

Spending a little time each week cleaning up your equipment and trucks will be a big benefit for your business.  It’s always good to step back from your business and think how a consumer is thinking.  Would you hire your company to manage your landscape?  Does your company look Professional?  Promoting a good image of your company will help you grow.  I don’t agree Image is everything, but I do think it helps attract new business.