Landscape Contractors: What is Errors & Omissions coverage and Do You Need It?

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Now you are probably thinking, this is just another insurance policy I will never use.  Let me run a few scenarios buy you and then tell me what you think:

Scenario 1:   You tell your licensed sprayer to go spray a few yards with Round-Up, but he accidentally sprays soil sterilizer and kills five oak trees.  Now you have a few homeowners angry and they are telling you that the oak trees are worth $2,000 per tree.  This accident, or Error, is going to cost you quite a bit of money.  

Scenario 2:  You just completed a landscape job, you installed a new flowerbed, added some hardscape, and really made the side of this clients yard look great.  What you didn’t realize was where you just put that new flower bed is where water flowed and drained during heavy storms.  Now you have a flower bed in the way and not letting the water flow correctly and it diverts to your neighbors house.  Nothing happens immediately, but a year later after a bad spring, you get a phone call from your client saying he is being held liable for the foundation repair that is required for his neighbors house, and he wants you to pay for it.  This accident, or Error, is going cost you quite a bit of money. 

We all work hard, however sometimes accidents happen and that’s why you need a risk advisor.  Transferring this type of risk to an insurance company is a good investment based on the low cost.  If you have questions regarding this topic, or any risk management needs please feel free to contact Sean Leigh at or 405-507-2757.