As anyone in the florist industry knows, the two busiest times of the year are Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  So, if your internet or website went down for a week prior to either of these special days you might lose out on some important sales and it would potentially be devastating for your year.  There is an important coverage for Florist called "Lost Profits from Communications Equipment Failure" available to wholesale and retail florist.  With an increasing amount of shopping done online these days, this coverage should be included on all policies. If your carrier does not offer this coverage they don't understand your business.

Another big season for a flower shop is wedding season.  I know my wife was very particular about the flowers she picked for our special day.  What would happen if by chance one of your staff members got the order wrong and delivered the wrong flowers to a wedding.  Well, I know the bride would be less than pleased and you would probably have a situation on your hands.  Believe it or not, there is another important coverage, "Florist Errors and Omissions", for mistakes that could happen to anyone.

Both of these coverages should be included on any florists policy, however most don't even know it's available.  I specialize in the "green" industry, and understand the exposures involved.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Sean Leigh