Hortica's Contacts and Knowledge Help Save Greenhouse Crops

I was just up in Edwardsville, Illinois visiting the home office of Hortica.  Had a great time and learned quite a bit.  The people that work for Hortica are so down to earth.  Hortica prides themselves with their customer service.  When you call you actually speak to a live person, which is pretty rare these days.  I met with the President of Hortica along with several other executives and they were fantastic.  We got a chance to discuss the true benefits of being a specialized insurance carrier.  There was one particular claims story they mentioned that really stood out to me. 

There was a large nursery and greenhouse client located up north.  It was winter time when the event occured.  The greenhouses caught fire, the structures were ok, but the tops burned off.  The customer was very worried because his crops inside the greenhouses were in danger of dying from the cold weather.  Hortica's knowledge with greenhouses and their contacts in the greenhouse manufacturing industry gave them instant knowledge of how to help the customer with their particular type of greenhouse. They provided a quick fix immediately to save the crops and then had contractors on site to rebuild his greenhouses within a few days. 

Just for the nursery and greenhouse industry Hortica has several benefits:  Extensive knowledge in greenhouses and the different manufacturers who design them as well as contractors around the country that work solely on greenhouses.

Most people think of insurance as something they just have to purchase, but when their insurance carrier and their agent specialize in protecting what they do, the benefits are infinite.  For more information on the green industry contact Sean Leigh