Lawn Care Maintenance slowing down? Which Work Comp codes are you using?

As stated in a previous blog there are two main Work Comp codes used by landscape contractors.  One being 9102 which is for Lawn Care Maintenance employees.  These are your employees doing the day to day mowing, edging, weedeating, etc.  And then there is the 0042 code used for your landscape installation employees.  This code is for installing landscapes, planting shrubs, flowers, small trees, mulching, etc. 

With the season coming to a close in the near months most of you will probably be cutting back on employees since the maintenance side of the job will be slowing down.  If you do maintain a few employees through the winter months, be sure you classify them in the correct catagory. 

The work comp rates we have access to for this industry are very competitive.  Give me a call to see what we can do to better your bottom line.  Sean Leigh 405-843-9191.