What You don't know about Work Comp (Part 3)

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Hiring Practices

You are probably thinking, how could my hiring practices affect my work comp?  First of all, are you hiring a criminal?  Are you hiring somebody that has figured out how to manipulate the work comp system to their benefit? Make sure you are at least doing background checks and consider drug testing applicants.  These employees you hire are the face of your company, you want to make sure they are keeping the reputation you worked so hard for.

With regards to the recommendations I have made in this three part series, we can help with all of these items.  We are setup to give access to our clients to run their own background checks for their employees.  In addition, we brought in an attorney to develop a contract for us to give to our clients who use subcontractors that better protects your interests.   Relating to the claims process, we make sure we cover every angle when a claim occurs. 

If you have any Work Comp questions or would like us to take a look at your program, please give us a call.  Sean Leigh