Insuring your materials and supplies on Construction Projects

Oklahoma construction insurance by Professional Insurors Business Insurance OKC.

No matter the size of your landscape or construction operation, make sure you have business personal property coverage.  Most landscape companies I work with engage in the irrigation business.  And most of them will have a trailer full of valve, pipe, wire, etc needed to complete any irrigation job.  Well your standard Inland Marine (Equipment) policy is not the answer to insuring those components. 

Ask yourself how safe your trailer is when you are not around.  This could be in the middle of the day when you are in someones backyard or it could be at night with your trailer hooked up to your truck so you can get an early start in the morning. 

Put a value on the amount of contents you may have on your trailer at any given time.  That amount should be listed as business personal property away from premises.   Another options is to purchase a Installation Floater that will cover all of your material and equipment to be installed the job.  This coverage is not expensive and will help you recover some of your loss in the event your whole trailer is stolen.

We have several claims every year for stolen trailers.