The Importance of Fleet Maintenance

Why should fleet maintenance be important to you?

  • If the vehicle is not properly kept up and is later involved in an accident, the owner and their assets are exposed.

  • As the owner of the company, these vehicles are assets. If your assets are inoperable, there is a potential for loss of income.

  • All vehicles diminish in value over time; however, keeping them functioning properly can help them maintain their value.

For example, the owner of a landscaping company has 5 trucks operating at full capacity in the summer months. They neglect to have the brakes properly maintained and one of the trucks is involved in an accident. The truck is now out of commission, there may be injured employees and the owner needs to figure out how to make up the loss of income since it’s peak season causing loss of business income. Not to mention liability to a third party in an at fault accident.

A worst case scenario was the limousine accident in New York this past fall that killed 20 people. The limo was severely overdue for maintenance and was operating without credentials. The owner lost his business as well as suffering the guilt of knowing it was likely preventable.

The best thing to do regarding fleet maintenance is to have a plan. Schedule regular maintenance. Put it on the calendar! Take care of it on a rain day or a weekend. Contract with a local shop that guarantees a maximum one-day turnaround.

The goal is to keep your fleet running safely which protects employees and third parties and helps the business run efficiently.

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