Captive Formation

Captive Formation and Commercial Business Insurance in OKC.

Feasibility Study

Single Parent Captives

Feasibility study's for a Single parent Captive would analyze the effects of establishing an insurance company.  The consultant or manager would look at the following:

  • Analysis of different risk-transfer solutions including a captive
  • Summary of Insurance coverages, premium's, risk retention or deductibles, capital, and financial projectons
  • Admitted Insurance Companies that could be used for Fronting
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of a Captive
  • Acturial analysis of past and future losses
  • Pro Forma Financial Statement

 Group Captive

Feasibility study's for Group Captive's are much less involved since they are much more like traditional insurance.  The consultant would look at the following

  • Complete Lists of Exposures, past premiums, and Loss Information
  • Loss Analysis to include past and future loss projections
  • Financial Statement to see if the company could support a Group Captive
  • Meeting with Management Team from Company